Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Short Film

The Academy probably has a precise definition of what a short film is, probably less than x amount of minutes significantly less than 90 is quite possibly the breakpoint. I could look it up, but I leave that to you. What brings this on is, I was told by one of my oldest "friends", we'll call him Mark, because his name is, well, Mark, just told me I can't make a movie for $4400.

Of course, those of you that have been with me for any length of time know this to be false. In fact, I've done it twice:
  1. Party in the House!!! (2008)
  2. Three of Clubs (2009)
Appropriate IMDb links have been provided for you, and this doesn't even count A Temp For All Seasons, on which I was aboard as an Associate Producer in 2005. That one won Best Picture at The 168 Film Festival that year, along with four other awards. We were nominated for 12, but the bigger issue here is, clearly, I've made films for that amount or less, or worked on them in the past. I could probably itemize my budget here, but I don't want to get into the dry and boring details, suffice it to say, it can be done, my alleged friend notwithstanding.

But not without your help. There's a donation button on this page, and no amount is too small. Well, I don't think it allows anything less than one dollar, but that's an aside. If you're just seeing this site/blog/letter, whatever you want to call this, for the first time, by all means, have a look around. If someone sent you here, then tell them I said thank you, and again, I invite you to look around. In the next few days, I may move all the 168 related material to a new site I'm currently setting up, and then the fun will begin.

So, for now, pray, donate if you feel so led, and then pray some more. As I can't do this all by myself, as some would accuse me of doing....

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

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