Thursday, January 28, 2010

Maybe Selecting Team #13 Wasn't Such a Good Idea

Ask any mathematician, and he'll tell you there is no true randomness in the Universe. You can also ask a chaotician, but you might get a different response, as is the nature of chaos. A statistician will probably tell you that all probabilities are 50%. Either something will happen, or it won't. In any case, I actually chose to be Team #13 in this year's edition of The 168 Project.

Why would I do such a thing? And how'd I get to choose? Usually, numbers are assigned in the order entries are confirmed. However, as you know, I came into this process a touch late this year, as originally, I was going to take a year off, and maybe simply act. As in, "I'm not an actor, I just play one on TV..." Of course, no one has seen those performances, as they predate YouTube. They aren't even in the IMDb.

Therefore, there were already 12 teams signed up when I did, thinking I'd get #13 anyway. Moments later, I receive an email back stating that I was team #14. Thinking quickly, I called the 168 Office, and asked why I didn't get #13, and Karen was very accommodating, and switched the two numbers, as she hadn't sent out the other confirmation yet. Thinking back, this may have been when all the trouble started.

I've never been triskaidekaphobic, however, I've had bad luck ever since. I can't seem to get any traction on the fundraising (button in upper right), the actress that got me involved in the first place is no longer available, and I've been evicted from my apartment, just to name a few of the highlights, or lowlights in this case, of the last few months. I'm pretty sure that part of the whole "Hearing God" thing is to listen. I've been faithful, and before you go there, this isn't a "Why Me?" thing. I firmly believe He wants me to make a 168 film this year, simply because all the elements are coming together, although, much slower than in years previous, and I'll probably update my crew needs later in another post.

I also believe that it may be time to move out of this growing ever smaller apartment, and God may be telling me to do that, too. So, what brought on this latest rant? After all, I thought the planets, and even the full moon, were aligning this year so that I may have the complete and perfect 168 experience that I've always wanted. My kids get the production week off from school, therefore, the car, and even my family is available to perform in my film, if necessary. And that's the problem. The kids don't want to, and will probably get together with their friends during that week, and furthermore, there are movies coming out that normally we'd see together, however, I'll be making a film. Oh, sure, my wife will star, however, she may also be otherwise occupied with taking my alleged kids to the previous aforementioned films.

So, what should we conclude? If you, my almost 4000 followers on Twitter can afford to donate a dollar each, that would be cool. If you think I'm crazy, which is quite likely, let me know. What I can tell you is this: My StarMeter is up 335% this week. But remember, or maybe I should. It's not about me.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

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