Monday, January 10, 2011

Yeah, I Know, It's Been Awhile

Took this photograph myself.Image via WikipediaThe need to make money has precluded posting at this specific site simply because I've been doing other things, not related to Watchmaker. As I posted previously, this site will get back to its original intent, which is to move forward with this particular film. Of course, I have other things going on, that will lead up to Watchmaker being seen on a big screen at a theatre or drive-in near you. Of course, all the drive-ins near me have either been bulldozed to put up a shopping mall, or converted into a daily swapmeet.

But I digress....

I do have news relative to Watchmaker, which has indeed generated this particular bloviation. And yes, that is a word, if you can't find it anywhere, figure it out from context :)

I got a call from my writing partner about two months ago, and he stated, "We can get some Christmas money by optioning Watchmaker." I replied, "Cool." And the deal was done.

Or so I thought.

In the part of the industry I don't understand, things that are done deals take time.

So, to review, the money I thought I'd have for My 168 Project this year, won't be in my pocket until after the deadline for turn in.

Yes, I have managed to turn this Watchmaker update into a plea for money for My 168 Project. See what I did there? :)

Anyways, you know where the various donate buttons are, give what you can, and pray that I receive the rest, and that God allows me to successfully complete another 168 Project Film.

Oh, and as always, please, retweet.

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