Friday, December 12, 2008

Blatant Self Promotion

In an effort to increase my non existent traffic, I've decided that the quickest way to do that, is to get nominated for a Shorty Award, in the Humor category. How to do this?

<insert evil maniacal laugh here>

It turns out, that in order to win a humor award, you have to be funny. Or, hilarious. Or, quite possibly, outrageously hugetastic. And in this case, you have to do it in 140 characters or less. See my column on Twitter posted over at IDEA MASTERS if it's up. If not, you must wait, as I don't know how far ahead I'm over there, and I don't have time to look.

Well, I do, but that's another post at a different blog. In any case, my humorous attempt to solicit votes may fall on deaf ears, however, the circular nature of social media is that this link  will allow you to vote for me, if you so desire. Or even if you don't, you will anyway. I think :) What's going to happen now you ask? Well, posting here, will tweet Twitter. And then those of you that follow me, will hopefully come here, and click the vote link, and I'll be notified via tweet. Then I'll tweet a thank you to those that made it here.

And maybe a few more people will listen to Who is, the Watchmaker? And Laugh :) Because you can't listen to a 'blog entry, you have to read it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's snowing at Word Press.

I don't know if this is site wide, however, the last two Word Press blogs I've visited, have visible snowflakes falling in front of not only the picture, but the text as well. I'd twitter about this, but it takes more than 140 characters....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogging for Human Rights Day

Is apparently today, and the right I'd like to take on as my cause is, the right to have an opinion different than yours. That's what this site is about. Most in the world today believe in evolution, simply because they were told to. Another word for this is, indoctrination. I choose to believe the Creation account in The Bible, and by most, I get derided. Why? I choose a different belief system than you do. One of us will be found to be correct at some point, however, until such time as it happens, shutting down the debate is no way to win the argument. I'm done for today on the major issues of our time. I'm going to take the rest of the day away frrom most things that I do on more than an occasional basis, and pray. I will pray for you as well, even though you may not believe in the God I'm praying to.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Amped Now....

Observe the following conversation. Context to follow, if I can come down off the ceiling:

General Robert Gweyegar
General Robert Gweyegar
how are u
General Robert Gweyegar
i am general robert gweyegar
Yes, I can see that...Get to the point, I'm a busy man....
General Robert Gweyegar
here to build cordial friendship and business relationship
Well, unless you're willing to invest in my film company, you can do neither
General Robert Gweyegar
so how can i do this?
i would be willing to if u want to assist me do it
How much are you willing to invest?
No assistance...
General Robert Gweyegar
well i really do not know how much money it will required
That wasn't the question
General Robert Gweyegar
and i also don't know if what i have is enough to invest into ur company
How much are you willing to invest? If you can't come up with a number, don't waste my time
General Robert Gweyegar
but to be honest with u i have €15, 850, 000.00 Euros that i want to invest into any good oversea country through a trust worthy person or existing company
Read my status, click the link
General Robert Gweyegar
maybe this amount is too small i tthink????
pls give me ur link so i can check it now
pls give me ur mobile number now so i can call u for discussion
waiting 4 link and mobile number
No, that would be enough
I'm not giving out my phone#
General Robert Gweyegar
The link is my status
General Robert Gweyegar
can u call me?
i can give u my phone number
i do not mind doing it
No, I'm not talking to you live, we can have a free conversation here, any phone call in either direction costs one of us money, which I'm not willing to spend
General Robert Gweyegar
give me ur link
If you can't see the page in my status, the link is
For that film, I only need $3M US, so, you can click the donation button, and send that to my Paypal account.
General Robert Gweyegar
oh ic
just like that
Yes, exactly. We hash out the agreement here, and I don't charge you the $300 for taking up my valuable time....
General Robert Gweyegar
do u know how much suffering i have borned to be able to secure this money?
if u are truly serious then u must come to meet me for us to meet a lawyer here to sign agreement
I don't care. Make a choice. Either you're in or you're not. Therefore, stop wasting my time. If you're not willing to at least pay me for it, I'm not willing to do business with you. Have a good day.
General Robert Gweyegar
up to u
u are looking for money not me
see u too
i guess u not serious
No, it's up to you... You can Fedex me an agreement, that I will sign and Fedex back to you, at your expense. Otherwise, this entire convesation is a waste of MY TIME!!! DO YOU GET THAT?
General Robert Gweyegar
get lost
don't waste my time
General Robert Gweyegar has signed out.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Found a Really Great Site...

As the illusion of getting Watchmaker made edges ever closer, I'm going to be posting here more often, and give updates on the progress. To that end, this site explains Intelligent Design in detail, and gives good references.

I will still use this site to solicit donations for my current 168 Project film as well. Thanks again to those that have already donated, and continue to pray for my ministry, and these two films in particular.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I Survived!!!

The Screenwriting Expo. Was anyone else so blessed? Oh, that reminds me, actually met another Christian in the film industry. Who knew? Will send her a copy of Watchmaker to read. Would anyone else like to do the same?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I might be doing the right thing...

Couple this with the recent announcement that bloggers are now MSM, and I should be thrillled and delighted....

clipped from

Study: Blogs Influence Purchases More Than Social Sites

Blogs can have more impact on purchase decisions than social networks, a new study finds. Blogs create a conversation and trusted resource that influences purchase decision.

The study, "Harnessing the Power of Blogs," sponsored research by BuzzLogic and conducted by JupiterResearch, a Forrester Research company, looks at the evolving influence from the reader's perspective. "What we wanted to do was look at the reader's side of the coin, look at reader patterns and how people are reading blogs...and drill down into the content impacting other media platforms," said Valerie Combs, VP of corporate communications at BuzzLogic.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

And if that doesn't convince you...

This whole thing comes downto, who do you trust? And more importantly, who has the better plan. I believe it's McCain. Others will disagree with me, however, they have yet to tell me why Obama's plan is better. Taxing the 5% of Americans that are responsible for what was the last number I heard? 98%? Of the money coming into the federal government isn't the way to go. I know it's counter intuitive to believe that lowering taxes is a good idea to raise more money, however, the taxes that are generated as a result of me spending the money I keep, helps more at the state and local level, not to mention the economy of the businesses I choose to be associated with.

And, this coming from one of the 95% of American's whose taxes won't go “up” under Obama's plan. Of course, I don't believe that, either....
clipped from
“Sen. Obama owes it to the public to let us know how much of our hard-earned money he, in his wisdom, believes we have a moral obligation to give away to poor people around the world—and how much of our money that he has a moral obligation to extract from our wages forcefully, through federal taxation.” —Tony Blankley
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I'm voting for McCain

And why it doesn't make me a racist.
So in his comments, Obama has set the stage for Murtha’s comments, since he talks of the small town Pennsylvanians “cling(ing) to guns or religion…”. This comment was Obamaspeak for small town Midwesterners being stupid, racist, and redneck.
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Watchmaker, and 168

Have you seen Inherit the Wind? A necessarily fictionalized version of the Scopes Monkey trial that took place over 80 years ago. Back then, the minority opinion was that evolution took place. Today, the reverse is true. My writing partner and myself have taken up the reigns, and written an update, based on what's going on in the news in various states.... You'd think these people have never heard of Intelligent Design, or Creation, but there you have it.....

Anyway, The 168 Project, now in its 7th year, takes place every February. Filmmakers from all over the world attempt to make a short film in a week, based on a Bible verse. I gave some of my impressions on my experience last year here, and I'm at it again. So, if you feel so led, please click the donate button, as unfortunately, I can't make either of these movies free :(

Any questions? Leave 'em here! Thanks!!!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

I Survived!!!

The 168 that is. I have the DVD to prove it :) Or, you can just go here, and I'll wait.

Things I learned, in not necessarily any order, include, but aren't limited to:

Get everything in writing.

Don't depend on a guy to give you money, when he doesn't have any himself.

And finally, don't get involved in a project where the Exec producer's sole aim is to make money....

To review, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and of course, Phil. 4:13.

This post may be deleted at anytime, so, for the chosen few that respond to it, I thank you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

168 Project

Ok, here's the thing...

The 168 Project is a Christian short film festival that I'm participating in. Or grammatically, in which I intend to participate. I know I haven't been blogging here in awhile, and that's why. So, if you see this message, and after you've checked out the above mentioned site, feel free to click the donate button in the left hand column, if you feel so led. Thanks!!!