Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coming Downto the Wire

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And yes, before we start, I know that downto is not one word, it's a leftover computer programming thing, which I was doing three or for lifetimes ago.

I hate that I need money to create my 168 Project film. I could expound on this, however, it's how I feel right now. There should be three benefits to making a donation to me:
  1. Special Thanks credit both on screen and in the IMDb.
  2. Help create a Christian short film. And finally
  3. Get the word out about God.
I once heard that if you're not following The Great Commission, you're doing it wrong, or put simply, do something. This is what I choose to do. This frustration comes from the feeling that I have less money than when I started fundraising this year. At least, it seems like it. Having participated in this ministry for the past three years in a row, as well as in 2005, I know that God will provide the needs of my particular film that will glorify Him. And I know that I picked a bad time to solicit donations, as most have already donated to the various Haiti relief funds.

Later today, or possibly over the next two days, I'll post the actual films that I've made here. For now, you can check them out at the link I just provided. The donation button is still located in the upper left hand column. No amount is too small. Thanks!!!

It's raining in Redondo Beach right now, so, I don't know what the temperature is....
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