Thursday, December 24, 2009

168 Project Team Rebuilding

I came back from my morning walk, with a sudden realization. I'll talk about that another time, but to wit: I have a team in place to create what I'm currently titling 168 Project Team #13 2010 edition. The members so far:

  1. Two actresses.
  2. Director of Photography
  3. Editor
  4. Assistant to the Editor
  5. Filmmaker*
  6. One Location.
  7. Prayer Support.
What I don't have is, well, the rest. The above are confirmed. I may have a makeup artist as well. Without getting into the gory details of what it takes to make a film itself, meaning, the corresponding equipment, etc. not to mention the money needed, I don't have a complete team.

You can probably guess what I need, and where this post is going. I'm asking for your help to put together the rest of the team. I've done three of these things, and for the last two I played the role of Filmmaker (see above). Iwill mostly likely be doing this again this time. However, the team is far from complete, which is why I'm asking you, if you feel you should be on this list, and you aren't, well, why not?

The production week starts Feb 12th at 2p PST, and ends the next Friday at the same time. That's where the 168 comes in, as it's the number of hours in a week. If you're available, and you're in the area, I'd love to have you on the team. If you can't make it, or have already committed to something else, that's ok. If you feel you should be on this team, and you're not listed above, let me know that as well.

Oh, if you know of someone that might like to work with me, let me know that, too.

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!!

*As always, it's not about me :)

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