Monday, February 23, 2009

168 Madness

Post Production, Day One...

Took delivery of media. Delivered media to editor. Editor attempted to download. Twitter has corrupted my writing ability.

Ok, let's do a second take. Something you don't always have the luxury of during a 168. And when I say 168, it's short for well, a short. Many of you by now have already figured out that I'm fully immersed in the 168 Project, however, for those that don't, I am.

What does this mean? I'm making a ten minute short film, in a week, based on the Bible verse, Proverbs 17:6. The good news is, the poster to the right is almost a dead on version of the script I wrote. It's almost even the one that I shot.

Someone once told me that there are four versions of a film; The one you write, the one you shoot, the one you edit, and the one you see. At this point, which is roughly halfway, I've already made two films. The third will be done and turned in by 2p Friday, PST. You can see the fourth, well, the information's on the poster.

And, it's not too late to help out financially. The button on the right :)

Things learned so far this year....

  • No matter how good the actor is, if he can't stay on his mark, the take's ruined.
  • When shooting exteriors, it is necessary to shutdown the entire city, in order to avoid extraneous noises.
  • Make sure you get all your shots before you wrap production.
  • Corollary: Make sure the shots you do get are usable.
  • Not everyone participating in the making of a Christian film, is necessarily, a Christian.
  • When finding a camera, make sure it's compatible with your editing bay.
  • And finally, It's a sandbox, not a litterbox.
Still working on that second to last one. More as I know it.

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