Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Many Pacific Viewers Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

An interesting if not comical situation came up in our Quest class Sunday. A little background, or a lot, depending on what you know about quests, and classes, and Sunday school. Pacific View Baptist Church holds one service Sunday mornings, at 930. If pastor doesn't run overtime, after the benediction, we're in the plaza for refreshments at around 1035, and our Quest classes start at around 11, weather permitting.

Or in this case, a flickering light bulb. Those of us that attended the Quest class Sunday last in room 3, were entertained with the answer to the classic joke. It all started when a fluorescent bulb started flickering. And Flickering, and then flickering some more.

We thought everything was ok, as last week, the light flickered, and then turned on completely. So, the leader of the class, stood on a chair, and opened the fixture up for inspection. First, he tried to simply screw the bulb back in. The problem with that was, he wasn't tall enough to make that happen. So, he grabbed another chair, and one of the guys in the front row, and another from the back row, got up to help him stay steady.

It was about at this point, the assistant pastor, who was attending this session of the quest class, mentioned that he just replaced it two weeks ago. It was about this time I chimed in with, "It's the fixture. We had that problem at our apartment recently." I didn't feel ignored when no one responded to this observation, as we needed to start Quest class, and it wasn't going to happen until we got this bulb fixed. So, our church treasurer went to get a replacement bulb.

Meanwhile, the three remaining guys were attempting to remove the fluorescent bulb from the fixture. As you know, it's not an easy task, even with a step ladder. And he was standing on two wobbly chairs that were purchased for our church sometime last century. As they got the bulb out, our treasurer returned with the replacement bulb.

He decided it would be a good idea to stand on an even ricketier stool that happened to be nearby. This required an additional guy to steady the stool, and to spot in case he did a Humpty Dumpty imitation. Fortunately, he managed to replace the bulb, and get down from the stool without incident. He also closed the fixture up, and everyone returned to their seats. The leader replaced the stool behind the lectern, at which point, he looked up and said, "That DOES make a difference!" And since he wasn't ready to start class yet, I was able to make my announcement about the Pot Luck this Friday.

Oh, the answer to the question? Seven. At least, that was my count.

72 and Sunny in Redondo Beach.

Which is next to Torrance. Which makes it a very fine community.

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